Salt Of Tanzania

Creating a smarter Tanzania

Neel Chumvi from day one has looked at the awareness of iodated salt and its wealth of benefits as more important than focusing on sales. Thousands of schools and more than 100000 students have been met and explained the benefits of iodated salt and they have carried back free samples for their parents. Our focus has been to work on the improvement of the average IQ of students in Tanzania which is lower than the world average. And the main cause according to experts is lack of iodine in their diet. Neel has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on creating awareness of iodine . Even in the Neel TVC and also the various Radio programmes like LEO TENA on Clouds FM the whole emphasis has been on healthy mental growth of children. King Majuto also went from door to door explaining the benefits of iodated salt to mamas

Salt Journey

Fuelled by the love of Tanzanian mamas, the journey of Neel Salt has been one of inspiration and determination to succeed against all odds. It is a journey of belief and foresight wherein we knew mamas will finally understand the value of iodated salt once we explain it to them in simple and scientific way This was the first time an indigenous salt was been manufactured by a company in Tanzania. While most of the Market was dominated either by importers or the unorganized sector which is totally non-iodated. Everyhting we did was challenged. People warned us to change the green colour of our packs as it would never sell as the entire salt market was completely blue in Tanzania. The market was very hostile initially but slowly as the product started moving and repeat buyers came back with stories of purity, smoothness and high quality, the trade started belling in us. The rest is history

Neel salt farm, the journey begins here of the first Iodated Salt of Tanzania
Ultra-modern refinery and state-of-the-art laboratory of Neel Salt. Tanzania's first Iodated Salt production center for the finest and whitest Neel chumvi.
Neel Salt is fighting war against Iodine deficiency, Creating awareness of iodated salt and its wealth of benefits. More than 100000 students have been met and explained the benefits of iodated salt.

Pure Salt

Neel salt, the first iodated salt to be farmed in their own salt farms and refined in Tanzania at their ultra-modern refinery. Tested for quality control at their state-of-the-art laboratory, Neel chumvi is the finest and whitest chumvi available in Tanzania.

Neel Premium salt is the finest and purest salt, produced using state-of-the art technology. With a balance of minerals Sodium Chloride, Iodine, Calcium and Magnesium.

Salt has a natural tendency to absorb moisture from the air.That makes salt damp and obstructs the flow of the salt. Neel Gold produced by using latest technology .

Iodated salt helps mental growth, it is always advisable to consume iodated salt during pregnancy, due to the multiple benefits it gives to the yet to be born baby.